Crapple's "The List"

VH1's "The List" is simultaneously one of the coolest shows on television and also one of the most frustrating.  How many times have you watched intently, clinging to the remote, wishing you too were part of the panel so you could slap some sense into those people?

Anyhow, we at Crapple thought we might like to sort of play along with the show and create our own lists.  Each time we see an episode of the list we like, we'll try and throw together our own personal choices and post them.  The only difference is that we've chosen to expand the number of choices to five instead of a mere three.  And to make matters worse, ties are allowed.

But you at home can play along too!  Just email us with your choices and we will post them here for all to see!  You can choose to write a small blurb or just send your list.  It'll be fun.  Trust us!  Let us know if you would like to be credited by name or if you wish to remain anonymous.

So without further ado, we present our categories:

Best Cover Song

Best '80s Album
(Reader responses updated July 25, 2000)

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