Friends Of C.

'Cause if you're friends with C., well then you're friends with...uh,
Alternative Car Park Without ACP, there may never have been a Crapple.  Run by the mysterious Dr. E Vibenstein out of the United Kingdom, this site has more wit and wisdom than you can shake a twiglet at!  Check out the "Bizarre Public Information Films of the Month" and "Sitcom," a situation comedy starring the Pet Shop Boys...classic!
The Fab Four The official site of The Fab Four, the ultimate Beatles tribute band, located in Southern California.
The Princess' Castle The website of another fellow TMBG fan, Sarah Faye Starr, AKA Lindramine.  Includes personal writings (stories and poems), a photo gallery of Sarah and her friends and a small shrine to TMBG and Sisters of Mercy.
Those Guys! An archipelago from the University of Redlands...or something like that.  They just released a new album called "Colton Avenue" and we strongly recommend it!

I have no interest in these posers.  Take me back to your site.